Falling in Love with Homeopathy

I first fell in love with homeopathy as a modality when I was parenting young children. Placating a screaming teething baby in an instant with one Chamomilla 30 was my party trick. Watch the friend’s toddlers egg size bump decrease in front of your eyes with arnica 30 – wow! Having a kid go from […]

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2 Childbirth When I was pregnant with my first baby we joined a class with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). In a group with 5 other couples, we bonded with people who were way on the wavelength of natural childbirth and alternative medicine – concepts that were new to […]

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 1

My Journey I have now been studying and practicing homeopathy for over 20 years.  My first experience of homeopathy came 5 years previously when I sought advice for bumps on my fingers that would not clear up.  They were so aggravating that I couldn’t even wash my hands.  They itched, burned, multiplied – I was […]