Treating Earaches at Home With Homeopathy

  There’s little more disturbing for a parent than a child in agony with an earache.  It’s a terrible thing to deal with: whether it’s a teething baby, a toddler, or a kid sniffing in so much his cold reached his ear, often a parent’s first reaction is to head right to the pediatrician for pain killers and anti-biotics. The truth is that […]

Homeopathy Helps Families

A client discusses what happened when her daughter needed support for her dental issues and how homeopathy helps her family.

Falling in Love with Homeopathy

I first fell in love with homeopathy as a modality when I was parenting young children. Placating a screaming teething baby in an instant with one Chamomilla 30 was my party trick. Watch the friend’s toddlers egg size bump decrease in front of your eyes with arnica 30 – wow! Having a kid go from […]

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2 Childbirth When I was pregnant with my first baby we joined a class with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). In a group with 5 other couples, we bonded with people who were way on the wavelength of natural childbirth and alternative medicine – concepts that were new to […]

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 1

My Journey I have now been studying and practicing homeopathy for over 20 years.  My first experience of homeopathy came 5 years previously when I sought advice for bumps on my fingers that would not clear up.  They were so aggravating that I couldn’t even wash my hands.  They itched, burned, multiplied – I was […]

Staying Cool in the Heat

From my blog on the Sound Pro Live Network Staying Cool In the Heat This Summer Summer festival season is upon us.  Here are some essential remedies to carry with you in your tour first aid kit for prevention and cure. Hydration – Of course rule number one is to stay hydrated.  In order to […]

Treating Adopted Children With Homeopathy

Some dear friends of mine have recently decided to adopt a baby. In light of this exciting occasion, I want to share an article I wrote a few years back on how homeopathy can work for adopted children. I hope you find it useful!    I trained to be a homeopath in England beginning in […]

What Does “Eating Right” Really Mean?

Hello Sue, What exactly does “eating right” mean to those of us on the road going at it 18 hrs a day? And what to do when the best menu is not available? TH   Hi TH, Thanks for that great question. I know how challenging it is to eat on the fly and how easy […]

Keeping Healthy on the Road

Here’s a link to my latest blog post for road crew and bands on keeping healthy in the winter: