Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 1

My Journey I have now been studying and practicing homeopathy for over 20 years.  My first experience of homeopathy came 5 years previously when I sought advice for bumps on my fingers that would not clear up.  They were so aggravating that I couldn’t even wash my hands.  They itched, burned, multiplied – I was […]

Staying Cool in the Heat

From my blog on the Sound Pro Live Network Staying Cool In the Heat This Summer Summer festival season is upon us.  Here are some essential remedies to carry with you in your tour first aid kit for prevention and cure. Hydration – Of course rule number one is to stay hydrated.  In order to […]

Why Homeopathy And What Is It Anyway?

Homeopathy is a 250 year old system of energy healing which originated in Germany in the 18th century and is increasingly re-gaining popularity in the US as it “treats like with like” and works with the body to restore balance, alleviate symptoms, and does so fast and without side effects.  Homeopathy addresses mind and body […]

Homeopathy Proven Effective In Sleep Deprived Rats

  Although research into homeopathy is still in its early days, some important studies are coming to light that prove the effects of this form of medicine to be far from merely placebo-based. These studies often utilise animals, an important distinction because rats, of course, cannot be influenced by the placebo effect, making the results […]

My Personal and Professional Experience of Postpartum Depression

In the summer of 1993 I was treated for a postpartum depression that fifteen years later I can say changed my life completely. This went way beyond the “baby blues” that I experienced on the 4th or 5th day post-partum. The baby, my second, was three months old at the time. My husband suggested I […]