Falling in Love with Homeopathy

I first fell in love with homeopathy as a modality when I was parenting young children. Placating a screaming teething baby in an instant with one Chamomilla 30 was my party trick. Watch the friend’s toddlers egg size bump decrease in front of your eyes with arnica 30 – wow! Having a kid go from hysterical ear pain to comfortable sleep in minutes saved several of my nights. From my earliest experiences I knew this mysterious healing practice was really special.

I studied relentlessly, effortlessly and with abandon through four years of homeopathy college and a post grad course. I’m still amazed at that sentence coming from my mouth because I made it all the way through high school and college hardly cracking open a book. But this was different. It touched me in the way only music ever did (the other subject I studied without end). And further on from just the academic pursuit of homeopathy was the increasing idea that I was somehow good at it – or had some kind of knack.

My intuitive abilities were heightened the more people I saw. About halfway through my homeopathy school training I started to have strange experiences – meeting people and already knowing their story before they told me; feeling like I knew people for years who I’d just been introduced to. This thinning of the veil between what’s concrete and what’s more mysterious continued but I never let the academic side fall.

In fact – 21 years after I began to study – my clients might be surprised to see that I don’t make proclamations about their remedy suggestions without cracking open my giant books and looking up symptoms, remedy pictures, cross referencing etc. I never take the awesome ability of homeopathy to assist in healing for granted and I am forever grateful and feel so privileged to be able to serve humanity in my own small way as a practitioner.