First Aid for Foreign Objects in the Body


Here’s a great story –

In 2005 when my daughter was 12 she returned to Oxford from a trip to Scotland and for some unknown reason had a tiny piece of black plastic lodged in the white of her eye.

Rinsing didn’t help. Nothing seemed to help so her dad took her to the Oxford Eye Hospital to have it looked at. They couldn’t dislodge it so wanted to surgically remove it.

That night I arrived back in Oxford and I took a look at it and realized she needed Silica (or Silicea if you buy it in the store – always the Latin name). I was a tiny bit worried that it might, in trying to dislodge, move somewhere deeper, but I gave her a 30c and sent her to bed.

In the morning she woke up and the little black piece of plastic was sitting on her cheek. Score 1 for homeopathic first aid!!

You can learn to use a homeopathic first aid kit either by taking my online class or in NYC doing the class in person. Here’s the link to purchase the 2 1/2 hour online class today which contains all you need to know to use homeopathy for first aid:

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