Homeopathic Education – Workshops and Classes

Sue Anello is passionate about teaching, and offers a range of opportunities for learning about homeopathy at various levels, from beginning classes to student supervision to support in a more specialized area. Given the nature of modern communication, Sue is able to teach in small seminar groups using the internet so you don’t have to be in Florida to study with her. Some of her current offerings include:

Professional Homeopathy Training

Sue teaches ongoing small classes for professional training in homeopathy both in person in Manhattan and via Skype. New classes are being formed now for first and second year students. Contact us for more information.

Homeopathy – The Basics of Acute and First Aid Prescribing

This beginning class is a great way for novices to learn the first thing about homeopathy and then get the help they need to start looking up remedies for themselves. Offered several times a year in New York City and now available for purchase online by clicking on this link:

Introduction to Homeopathy

Homeopathy for Birth Professionals – A workshop for Doulas, Midwives and Lactation Consultants

In this very popular one day workshop we discuss the basics of homeopathy and its use in conception, pregnancy, labor and post partum. Given several times a year in New York City and also around the country – please contact Sue to be on the list for the next local class or to organize one where you are.

Next Class – February 7th 2017 10-2 in Manhattan  anellony@gmail.com or use contact form for further info or to register.  Contact Sue here.

How Do I Use this Birth Kit?

A 2 hour class for parents to be. This popular one-on-one class teaches parents to be the essentials of the homeopathy birth kit. We go through all the remedies one by one and also other tips for natural healing in childbirth. Contact Sue to sign up for an in person lesson in New York City or via Skype from anywhere in the world. Speaking Request