Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 1

My Journey

I have now been studying and practicing homeopathy for over 20 years.  My first experience of homeopathy came 5 years previously when I sought advice for bumps on my fingers that would not clear up.  They were so aggravating that I couldn’t even wash my hands.  They itched, burned, multiplied – I was dumbfounded as to what to do.

I went to one of the three homeopaths in my town, Oxford, as I had known her as a local pre-natal yoga teacher and she came highly recommended.  On meeting her I was surprised to find that this session about my fingers would take over an hour and a half and encompass not only my physical health but also bared all the hallmarks of a therapy session.

By the time we’d finished we’d covered what I thought was everything – my bumps, my life long insomnia, my anxiety attacks, childhood bladder infections and years of antibiotics, marriage, childbirth, and more.

At the end of the appointment she sent me away with three little sugar balls.  The remedy said “Sulphur 200c” on the packet.  I was so disappointed.  All that talking and three little balls?  How was that going to make any difference?

I took the remedy as given and I didn’t have anything that could interfere with it as I didn’t drink coffee and I could stay away from camphor and menthol easily.  Then I went about my business and within a few days the bumps were first not itchy and burning, then smaller, then gone.  Just gone.

Then I noticed a few other things.  My sleeping.  I was sleeping when I hadn’t well for years.  I was a notorious insomniac, always working jobs that had a later start than 9am wherever possible. Now I was sleeping – and this went on for years (interrupted only by the first year of a non-sleeping baby).   Other things cleared up too.  It was pretty amazing.

The next two springs went by and I noticed I didn’t have hayfever anymore.  I’d suffered yearly since moving to England in 1988 but had forgot to mention that to the homeopath.  I never even went back to her for another couple years – but her style of practicing was such that she never just scheduled in any follow ups – so it didn’t occur to me to keep going back.

One thing was for sure.  I didn’t know a darn thing about homeopathy –how it worked.  What she was looking for.  Nothing.  My finger bumps returned (just one or two) over the years as it became time for me to go back to a homeopath for a constitutional remedy.  And recently, 25 years later, I was just dealing with a health issue that caused me to enter the allopathic medical world for the first time in over two decades – and one of the little bumps came back on my finger – just for one day as a reminder.

Coming in Part 2 – Homeopathy and Childbirth