Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2

Homeopathy and the Shift – Part 2 Childbirth

When I was pregnant with my first baby we joined a class with the National Childbirth Trust (NCT). In a group with 5 other couples, we bonded with people who were way on the wavelength of natural childbirth and alternative medicine – concepts that were new to me as a young American woman living in England.

Some of those couples went on to have home births and use remedies and I was fascinated but not until after my long, drawn out, intervention filled first birth did I begin to have an interest in these things for myself. Little did I know that the entire course of my life would change once I not only had my own home birth for my second child but also experienced my mental health being saved by homeopathy.

Every year on the anniversary of my younger daughter’s birth I share her birth story with her. Tomorrow is her 23rd birthday and once again I will do the same! My husband and I fought long and hard with the system to be allowed to birth at home. My first labor having interventions was the excuse the GP and hospital used to try and prevent us but we were undeterred. We found another GP from the practice who was willing to come to the house and planned accordingly.

Nearly three weeks before my due date I knew something was imminent and we drove miles to obtain our birth pool. I checked with my friends and got a list of homeopathic remedies to buy a Neil’s Yard and had not a clue what to do with them. I still hadn’t returned to the homeopath who saw me when I had the bumps on my fingers. The sales person at the shop said “are you sure you need all these? Do you know what to do? “ I assured her I had a list –but I had no instructions.

Every once in awhile for the week before I would think I was going into labor and get very shaky and I would take Gelsemium and feel better and it would stop. So that worked! Two and a half weeks before my due date I was watching the TV soap Brookside and my waters broke. I called a friend in Wales and said – why am I in a puddle – and she said ‘your waters broke!” (this is how clueless I was!) I called the midwife who came and told me I wasn’t in labor although clearly I was and she went away to get her homebirth kit. My contractions were ramped up within minutes and I had my husband phone our friend Angela who had been my prenatal yoga teacher. She was returning back to work in the morning from her own maternity leave but she did turn up to help. Instant unplanned doula.

The birth pool was filled. I was writhing in pain with a horrible backache labor somewhere too close to the fireplace. Angela advised me to take an Aconite 30c and I did so and it all just eased up – the panic, the pain, all of it. I got into the birth pool and within 90 minutes my daughter was born. 2 ½ hours start to finish –one remedy.

Remedy Recap – the remedies used in my own birth were – Gelsemium 30c for “false labor” with anticipation anxiety – the sort of contractions that would stop if you drank a glass of wine. Aconite 30c – for sudden panic and pain and fear of death.

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