Homeopathy for Anxiety and Panic

Many people have been contacting me since early November asking for help with anxiety, nervousness, feeling unstable, panicking. I put these kind of situations into two or more categories – people who are generally strong and handling life well who are knocked over by circumstance and therefore are more in an emergency situation. That’s the acute category. Then there are folk who are chronically more anxious and its more a part of their make up since since a long ago event – this is more sub-acute. There are also those, who due to family inheritance (war, genocide, grief) are born into a more anxious state from the get-go. This is the more chronic or constitutional type. Homeopathy can help all of these people and in fact is quite remarkable in helping that entrenched level of anxiety as well.

But what happens when we are normally strong and emotionally generally healthy and then knocked by current events, a family emergency, or other outside event? These remedies can be useful to try. If you find they do not help, don’t hesitate to make an appointment to see professional homeopathic help because the results can return you to balance quickly – then you can get done what you need to in this world! The dosage in acutes is to take the remedy in 30c three times in an hour. Then put the remedy away and see how you are. If you want to take it more often, put 5 pellets in a bottle of water, shake and take a capful as needed. If you’re not calmed down the day you start dosing, its probably not the remedy you need. If you want an intro class to treating yourself and your family with homeopathy you can find my class here: Intro to Homeopathy Class


Panic that comes on suddenly out of “nowhere”. Sensation as if death is imminent.


Imagining the worse case scenario in pictures in your head. Anticipation anxiety resembling “stage fright”. Diahorreah from nerves.


Restlessness both physical and emotional – can’t rest until everything is in its proper place. Fear of dying alone.


Anxiety that leaves one “weak in the knees” and shaky. Constant need to urinate. Would feel better from having a drink.

Over sympathetic and finding it difficult to “stay on your own side of the street”. Fear that something bad is about to happen, with dread. Fear of natural disasters too (weather etc).