Homeopathy is an Economical Choice




Some people believe that going to a homeopath might be an expensive option because they see the cost of my initial consult and are worried that’s the sort of fee they will be paying out each time – not true at all.  I believe that in the long run homeopathic treatment is an economical choice.  Here’s some reasons why:

1. Most of the time you go a couple times and you are done. So you’ve paid out the initial consultation and then a couple follow ups and then there’s not a need to return. If your child has an ongoing chronic issue or you’re dealing with something more serious you may need to be seen over a longer period. But my aim is always to get you in, get to the bottom of things and then say “let me know when you need me again”.

2. The homeopathic consultation is covering both mind and body so while its not really a replacement for therapy, it can provide not only a lot of the same or adjunct support, but also the remedies often clear out layers of trauma and bring us more quickly to a more balanced and healthier state without ongoing repeated visits over years.

3. Babies and children, as many have experienced, can respond very quickly to remedies, so again they might only ever need a couple visits a year.

4. Despite inflation I have been charging the same fees for my services for well over a decade. I haven’t found the need to raise my rates and given the relative infrequency of visits it means your outlay per year is lower than most other pay for service practitioners.

5. Remedies are dirt cheap. This is why I am usually able to supply the remedy for you when you visit but even if you have to order from a homeopathic pharmacy there is not much of an expense. Also – despite what it might say on a bottle or kit, remedies do not expire. You never have to ever throw out a bottle – ever. I am still using remedies I got when I trained in the ’90s and they work as well as ever.

These are just some of the reasons I believe homeopathy to be worth the initial outlay. In my practice I also offer a family plan which discounts visits and makes them even more affordable. The first visit is so long because I have to really get to know everything about your history and going back generations sometimes, and all these details make for a much shorter time spent going forward. Please contact me if you have further questions.


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