Homeopathy Proven Effective In Sleep Deprived Rats


Although research into homeopathy is still in its early days, some important studies are coming to light that prove the effects of this form of medicine to be far from merely placebo-based. These studies often utilise animals, an important distinction because rats, of course, cannot be influenced by the placebo effect, making the results highly significant pieces of evidence for the revolutionary benefits of homeopathy.

Another example of laboratory experiments showing the effectiveness of homeopathic remedies across a variety of illnesses and complaints has come out this week, with a new study coming out of Israel’s Institute of Technology showing some impressive results.

The study dealt with sleep deprivation, a process that can have major behavioural and hormonal effects, all of them negative. Sleep deprivation was induced in the rats, who were then assessed regularly and treated with either the homeopathic remedy cocc 30c or a placebo. It was found that the cocc 30c had a significant impact on the motor learning of the rats, and that the startle response that the sleep deprivation increased was brought down by the remedy. The hormonal changes brought about in the rats, including increases in corticosterone and serotonin and decreases in testosterone and peltin, were all brought back to more normal levels by cocc 30c. The study concluded that ‘cocc 30c recovers both short-term behavioral and the long-term hormonal modulations following SD (sleep deprivation).’

So what does this study, and others like it, tell us? It shows that homeopathy really works, and not because of a placebo effect. More studies like these are needed to bring this point home, as is broader media attention and public awareness of this kind of research. What the study doesn’t mention, but that so many of my clients have found, is that these remedies have a major positive impact on the entire system of the body without any scary, unpleasant side effects. Although the effects of sleep deprivation were probably pretty unpleasant for the rats, the homeopathic treatment definitely would not have been. Homeopathy is safe, effective, and hopefully similar studies in the future will prove what we homeopaths, and our clients, already know to be true.

To read the study in full, follow this link, and be sure to share with your friends and families!