Infertility Treatment with Homeopathy

Infertility or difficulty conceiving

One of the most important reason people see homeopathic treatment is to aid them in becoming pregnant and sustaining a health pregnancy and birth. Women have been known to conceive following the administration of a good constitutional homeopathic remedy even when they are not trying. But for those couples having difficulty conceiving, homeopathy can be a huge help.

Couples who have difficulties conceiving often find themselves in physical and emotional turmoil. Deciding whether or not to take the plunge and have IVF treatment often brings up all sorts of issues that only the partners themselves can really understand. Sometimes women will undergo several cycles of expensive fertility treatment and still not become pregnant or carry a baby to term. There are health issues surrounding this a fertility clinic may or may not address directly and fully.

Some common causes of fertility difficulties include health problems such as fibroids, endometriosis, blocked fallopian tubes, polycystic ovary syndrome, difficulties with ovulation, poor egg or sperm quality, low testosterone, problems with sperm production or motility, Other blocks to a successful conception are the absence of menstruation following long term use of birth control pills, repeated or incomplete miscarriage, drug and alcohol use, environmental toxicity and emotional issues such as grief, anger, and untreated trauma.

Homeopathy and Fertility

Homeopathy offers an effective, safe, and painless alternative to more invasive fertility treatments. Homeopathy looks at the whole person and considers the cause of conception difficulties and treats that cause – often removing the blocks to conception and leading the way to a healthy, natural pregnancy.
Sometimes the results are incredibly quick and straightforward. Masha, a woman in her 30s, came to see me as she and her partner will finding after a year or more she still wasn’t pregnant. During our consultation it became apparent she still was affected by issues from her previous relationship which had not gone well. One remedy administered and Masha was pregnant by her second follow up two months later.

Some Examples From My Practice
(names are changed)

Twenty four year old Rachel was unable to conceive a baby because her menstruation disappeared after coming off eight years on the Pill. She came to me six months later, her periods still absent, and following treatment with the homeopathic remedy her periods reestablished and she became pregnant, giving birth to a healthy baby boy.

Melanie and her husband Charlie tried for three years to have a second baby after their son was born. Doctors told them it was because Charlie had a low motility and a condition known as a varicocele which were preventing conception. Within two weeks of Melanie and Charlie each taking a homeopathic remedy, Melanie was pregnant, and their daughter is now six years old.

Amanda came to see me because she was unable to conceive a second baby. She had suffered a miscarriage the previous year and was still silently grieving this loss. Every month she became depressed as her friends became pregnant with second babies and she did not. After coming for homeopathic treatment for three months she took a remedy specifically for the grief of the miscarriage and was pregnant the following month.

A couple, Ben and Satchko, around 40 years old who’d I’d seen for years came to me when they were finding conception difficult. They were encouraged by several people to see a fertility clinic with the idea of just checking it out. On their visit they found themselves pressured and had two unsuccessful rounds of IVF. I asked them to give me just a couple of months during their break and treated them both. Satchko conceived right in the middle of that break and had a very healthy and successful pregnancy.

What happens at the homeopathic consultation?

Unless there is a clear cause lying with the woman, I recommend seeing both partners for the best results.
As homeopathy is so individualized, it is necessary to seek the services of a qualified practitioner rather than self-prescribe in fertility cases. That’s why I’m not labeling which remedies I used in each case here.

A visit to a homeopath can be therapeutic for both partners. A first appointment generally lasts around 1 ½ hours. The homeopath will be interested in hearing all the history that has led them to seek treatment. The appointment is based around talking and no examinations are taken. By taking a thorough case, the homeopath is sort of like a detective, searching for possible causes to the infertility. Once she determines either the cause or the barrier in the way of a healthy pregnancy, she looks for a remedy which will allow conception to happen.

Here are some guidelines of when to contact a homeopath for fertility help:

• When you’ve been trying to conceive for more than 3 months without success

• If you have been the Pill to clear the body, regulate the hormones and stimulate the menstrual system

• If you have miscarried, lost a baby, or suffered any sort of grief which might be interfering with conception.

• If you or your partner have suffered from emotional problems or have issues you feel might be stopping you from conceiving
• If you have blocked tubes, endometriosis, or other hormonal or gynecological problems.