Services and Fees


At first glance, homeopathic treatment might appear to be expensive but actually when you break it down its very economical. This is because after the initial consult appointments are $135 but you might only need a couple visits achieving your wellness goals rapidly. My goal with each client is to provide an extremely thorough intake (which at an average of an hour and a half is why the first visit is more costly) and then from there provide them with the remedy advice that will lead them quickly and the most easily towards healing. Whenever possible the remedy is included in the visit. Otherwise you’ll be pleasantly surprised to discover how inexpensive homeopathic remedies are to purchase.

If you have any question about discounts for families and especially my package which provides for 6 additional visits at a discount and also free in-between acute calls – please contact me.

Intake 1 ½ Hours $350

Intake Under 16 $250

First Follow Up after 1 month $135

All subsequent follow ups $135

Follow up after 12 month gap $200

Follow up after 3 year gap or longer – new intake

Acute appointment calls/emails/chats for minor complaints or calls under
15 min $65

(this does not include questions or sending me a requested update but it does
include colds/ear aches and other illnesses in between appointments). Calls lasting longer than 15 min are charged at the $135 follow up rate.

I also offer a package plan which is features discounts for paying for a series of follow ups in advance – email for details.

You can take my class without leaving your home!!! Buy it here:
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