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From family physician Nikki Neretin:
I am a family physician in nyc who for the past few years has been dealing with a recurring rash on my hands that would come a few times a year. An episode would become so bad that I was unable to use my hands to work and would have to take a course of oral steroids to stop it in its path. I had spoken to many physicians, dermatologists and allergists and was unable to find a cause. I had a consultation with Sue and the remedy that she prescribed immediately stopped the itch and the development of new crops. Although it didn’t completely take away the rash Sue was in constant contact with me to find the remedy that would. Eventually she found the correct remedy and started working on the constitutional reason I had the rash so that it wouldn’t recur. I feel hopeful that I am getting to the source of the rash so that it won’t come back. She is extremely smart about unraveling very complex situations and problems and a pleasure to work with. As a family doc I see the need to be able to integrate many different healing modalities and Sue is a great addition to the armamentarium on the road to health and wellbeing. I am happy to talk to anyone about Sue and homeopathy. Dr. Nikki Neretin


Sue is a wonderful practitioner who treated my son who had sustained a Traumatic Brain Injury in a car accident. She researched and spoke to colleagues all over the world about Luke during every stage of his recovery. She also treated me while I hoped Luke with rehabilitation. I would never have stopped seeing Sue if we were closer. I truly believe that he very well may have died if not for her time and attention, her strength and wisdom. I would highly recommend her. JK


Sue brings a sharp intuitive sense for the potential causes of illness, as well as a deep technical expertise of homeopathy and holistic health care. She is an incredibly valuable, trusted and caring health adviser to me and my family. GF


I was dreading the pain and discomfort following a multiple wisdom tooth extraction more than the surgery itself. The medicine prescribed to me by the surgeon did little to help. Sue recommended homeopathic remedies that not only, in my experience, took immediate and consistent effect, but they were totally affordable. I am still in recovery from the operation, and am relying solely on what Sue recommended, and am feeling hugely better than the surgeon told me I could even hope to feel! I would absolutely recommend Sue and her expertise. She’s brilliant and I am still in awe! Thank you so much! LH

I went to Sue for some issues, including knee pain, while unable to find an acupuncturist in my current location (European Alps). I was excited that some of the more acute issues subsided and the emotional issues resolved, however I am still in awe that my chronic knee pain (of many years) has completely subsided. I’ve very active, so I had accepted it as part of my life. I was worried that I wouldn’t be able to participate in ski season in my new town (as I had tendonitis flare-ups and shooting pains during hikes over the summer). However, my knees are pain free! Thanks Sue! KT


When Scarlett Fever was running through the elementary, I was so relieved I purchased your Prepaid Package Plan! Although my seven year old didn’t get sick, knowing I had a professional on-call was important to not only our physical health, but my peace of mind. Your knowledge of the illness, symptoms, remedy and prophylaxis in this case, were available and ready. Thanks for being a part of our health team! MG


I unequivocally recommend Sue Anello as a homeopath. She is kind, thoughtful, non judgmental, patient and available. I have been seeing her for four years and switched homeopaths because she is accurate and has a keen sense of healing, a real giftedness in homeopathy. My husband and two children see her as well – we are all holistically healthier as a result.
Sharing what is going on holistically – physically, emotionally and spiritually – feels safe with Sue. She is good at asking questions to unearth or discover what lies at the root of the issue. Sue is also in tune with things going on that you may think are unrelated. First learning about homeopathy 10 years ago I learned to share items that I wouldn’t necessarily see a connection with. I told her about ongoing back pain that I endured for 6-7 years, which could not be resolved with chiropractic care. After probing for more information, she discovered that it was an emotional issue, which she subsequently treated, and the pain disappeared. I thought I would have that pain for life.
Sue has helped my family from colds and earaches to rashes, from adverse reactions to vaccines to emotional issues. She is our go to for just about anything, and we are thankful for her healing wisdom. RE


We love Sue! Her expertise has had a very direct positive effect on my family. I’ve been able to address several specific, chronic physical and emotional issues as a result of her compassionate listening and sensitive care. When illness and imbalance do arise — especially in my toddler son, bearer of croup, nosebleeds, teething, and all kinds of malaise — the healing is gentle and swift. Homeopathy is an elegant practice and a tool I am so grateful to have — and Sue is wonderful caregiver. Thank you Sue!  ES


Sue brings a sharp intuitive sense for the potential causes of illness, as well as a deep technical expertise of homeopathy and holistic health care. She is an incredibly valuable, trusted and caring health adviser to me and my family. GF

____________________________________________________________________________________________________ Sue is an incredible Homeopath, who has helped me tremendously with my health, especially recently with my left foot issues and my broken right thumb. Her consultations & remedies are spot on! Whatever you are dealing with, anxiety, cold, flu, pain, discomfort, Anything, Sue is the One. For all my Mommy friends, Sue is here for you baby, children etc; this is her passion and speciality, working with Mothers, Parents Doulas, Midwives. Please take a moment, check out her site, with the Fall upon us, school in full swing and the cold and flu season upon us, rather than take antibiotics that suppress our immune system and hurt us, give Sue a call. Here is to Our Health!!!


Sue has been excellent to work with! She is really helping our family with a variety of conditions. She is knowledgeable and professional and readily available for consult. We look forward to continued health and well-being through her homeopathic services.  SM


The first time I met Sue, I brought my 15 month old daughter to get help with some eating issues she was having. After administering Sue’s prescribed remedy, the change in my daughter was instantaneous, dramatic and gentle. Soon after, I had an intake with her myself. She has treated us for ear infections, Coxsackie virus, laryngitis, heavy metal detox after dentistry, anxiety and general malaise! I no longer live in New York where I can see her in person, but Skype appointments are better than house calls! She’s seen me in my pajamas, propped up on pillows barely able to open my eyes. Nothing phases Sue. Her vast experience and keen insights make her my go-to healer for problems both physical and emotional. I recommend her to everyone.”



“Working with Sue was my first experience in homeopathy. As a MD practicing traditional medicine, I have learned a lot along the way about the integrative and functional approach, and it has helped my children a lot in the past. My twins are both celiacs, with occasional worsening of symptoms and yeast problems. They also have mild ADHD symptoms, trouble concentrating and short attention spans. I felt like we had done everything possible with traditional medicine and other more alternative forms of medicine, and so decided to try homeopathy.

Then I met Sue. It’s the best thing that has happened to me and to my family in a while. From the beginning, working with Sue was a great experience for me. We have spent hours and hours taking about every single detail of my children’s both physical and mental conditions.

I’ve seen healing with homeopathy that just wasn’t happening before. It has taken time, but when I look back on the past 6 months, it’s really amazing. Homeopathy surprised me in so many ways – understandable given the fact that I practice traditional medicine. Everyday now I am seeing changes in my kids, and I hope that the issues we’re focusing on are going to change further… it’s just a matter of time.

Dear Sue, I am very grateful for the progress that we have accomplished so far and I am hoping to gain much more in the future. I know that the healing process has just started!”

M.Carovac, MD

“I have worked with Sue for many years with her acting as both my mentor/supervisor, my practitioner, and my children’s practitioner. She creates an atmosphere of complete candor that enables me, as her client, to provide all the information necessary for her to select the best remedy. I have experienced tremendous personal growth with her homeopathic support and personal wisdoms, and even an improvement in my physical health, which was never an issue. Despite some of the growing pains inherent with growing into a physical and non-physical healthy state, working with Sue for the past 7 years has been a wonderful experience. Sue is professional yet her natural warmth and genuine caring for her clients is easily and readily apparent. I feel that the well-being of my family is in the best of hands.”


“Homeopathy has made a huge positive difference in my health, both mentally and physically. Sue has been treating me for 14 years and has alleviated every ailment for me every single time. I would wholeheartedly recommend her and homeopathy for everyone.”

Deborah L. NYC

“Not only did Sue Anello change the way I physically feel, she also changed the way I feel about my body, my psyche and my health. Through her expert healing and teaching my health and the health of my family have been fundamentally and profoundly strengthened. I am so grateful to her for prescribing acute and constitutional remedies that have made my day-to-day life happier and healthier and for giving me the confidence to begin to take responsibility for my health and the health of my family. Going to see Sue was the smartest decision I’ve made all year.”


“I have had the pleasure of working and studying with Sue for years. She is a wise woman and has taught me so much. She also helped me to heal. I highly recommend her.”


“Sue’s workshops on Homeopathy teaches you not only how to choose remedies, but how to change your thinking about the immune system and symptoms in general. It’s a complete paradigm shift away from Western, allopathic medicine toward a whole-person, mind/body connection way of thinking about health. I keep signing up for her intro courses because I learn something new every time. There is a vast amount of knowledge to be learned and Sue makes it simple and interesting.

My family and I have been seeing Sue for over 10 years. She is an intuitive healer whose remedy selection abilities are always spot on. She is available to us when we need her and not only is a talented healer, but a life mentor as well. She is a part of our family and we are grateful for her.”



Sue is an amazing homeopath. Her extensive knowledge, deep listening and loving attention lead her to find remedies that create profound improvement, sometimes instantly. She has been working with my family for 15 years and we rely on her for all our health concerns. Highly recommended!!!!

Sue Anello is a very kind, thoughtful, thorough, holistic healer. She cares about every aspect of her patients’ lives. My children and I all go see her monthly for “check ups” and remedies. Her schedule is flexible and she is always acccessible. I would recommend her to anyone interested in homeopathy.