Treating Adopted Children With Homeopathy

Some dear friends of mine have recently decided to adopt a baby. In light of this exciting occasion, I want to share an article I wrote a few years back on how homeopathy can work for adopted children. I hope you find it useful! 


I trained to be a homeopath in England beginning in the early 1990s. From the beginning of our program we learned to consult with and support parents in treating their children in order to give them the best start in life. Beginning with pregnancy and birth, the homeopath can help the family influence the health of their children by offering safe, non-toxic, tried and tested (over 200 years) ways of enhancing the immune system without the use of supplements and other costly items.

Over and over again I saw children get off the treadmill of recurrent antibiotic, inhaler, steroid and antihistamine use. Upon moving back to the U.S., I found that people used medications in far greater numbers than their European counterparts, and in fact, drugs were being pushed on television, radio and in print, something that doesn’t happen in Europe.

In my Nyack practice, I see primarily families. What I noticed happening more and more was that people were bringing babies and small children with skin, lung, and nutrition issues and that frequently these children were adopted from developing countries, especially from China. The children were likely to have eczema, bronchitis, upper respiratory infections or even scabies on their arrival. They were hastily bottle fed diluted milk and were often underweight. Some suffered from rickets. Many children arrived having already suffered pneumonia in their first few months of life. They were inoculated in order to come to the U.S., or some received inoculations upon arrival. Some of the children have had reactions to the immunizations that their bodies could not really process. Parents report being sent overseas with antibiotics to give their children upon arrival in China. This, of course, doesn’t provide protection for those children who might have a reaction to the medications.

All of these issues are similar, if not a little more extreme, to those of American children. The eczema gets cortisone slathered on it and soon turns to asthma, just as it does in American born children every day. The antibiotics prescribed to kill whatever they arrive with turns into more and more antibiotic prescriptions as the immune system breaks down further, just as it does in American children with their recurring earaches and strep infections.

The illnesses in the region the child comes from – Typhoid, Tuberculosis, Yellow Fever, and Ringworm all play a role in the child’s make up as they may inherit an “echo” illness; i.e. the condition in a milder form passed down to them. This most likely would not be looked at in an orthodox medical setting, but it is always taken into account in a homeopathic consultation. It is not necessary for the adoptive parents to have the information to hand about the diseases of the region. The homeopath can determine these based on the presenting symptoms.

A case:

Tara was brought in for homeopathic treatment in April. At the time she was a well-fed and physically precocious 1 1/2 year old who arrived from China at 10 months old. She arrived in the U.S. with a bad case of eczema and red face the previous September. In December, she was given her DPT, which triggered her susceptibility to lung problems, and two weeks later was diagnosed with RSV (Respiratory Syncytial Virus) and then asthma. She was given the MMR, which caused her to have febrile seizures and immediately developed a series of chronic recurring ear infections. Since the MMR her family noticed that her language development was going backwards. This was attributed to the ear problems. She would sweat at night.

At this point her parents brought her to me. I took her case and noticed there was a pattern common to children who have a family history of Tuberculosis (skin problems, asthma, RSV, night sweats) and of a condition homeopaths call vaccinosis. On this assumption I recommended the parents give the child a remedy, which covered the vaccinosis, and then a remedy once a week for a month, which covered the history of TB.

Her ear condition cleared up immediately as did all her other serious symptoms. Right away her language began developing again. When she was brought back to see me in September, 5 months later, all her symptoms, except for her dry skin, had disappeared. In homeopathy we look for symptoms to clear up in the reverse order they appear – this being the direction of cure.

This is not an uncommon scenario in my practice whether the child is adopted or not, but the homeopath takes special time to make sure that any negative impact on the child is undone in the most gentle, effective and supportive way possible. Each bout of illness is an opportunity for the child to grow stronger and develop. Homeopathic remedies ease that process.

Another parent said, “I ran from doctor to doctor with my year-old daughter. They said she had eczema. No matter what medicine they gave her nothing helped. Finally someone suggested homeopathy and we saw miracles happen in her whole being. She gained weight, grew and flourished and her physical condition healed immediately.”

Empowering parents is at the core of my philosophy as a homeopath. I believe that parents do the best they can with the information they have. I would love to see all children off unnecessary medications – and whether a child is adopted or not I hope that as parents become more informed they will be able to make choices that will strengthen their children for the long haul.

For further information on treating babies and children who were adopted from overseas do not hesitate to contact me.