Treating Earaches at Home With Homeopathy


There’s little more disturbing for a parent than a child in agony with an earache.  It’s a terrible thing to deal with: whether it’s a teething baby, a toddler, or a kid sniffing in so much his cold reached his ear, often a parent’s first reaction is to head right to the pediatrician for pain killers and anti-biotics.

The truth is that otitis media, the middle ear infection, is rarely bacterial, nor is it really an infection.  It’s more of an inflammation and sometimes a painful pushing of congestion outwards, and it’s not really clinically necessary to prescribe the anti-biotics.  In fact, recurrence of the condition is common when the medication is given, possibly due to both the way the ear canal is designed and the way anti-biotics knock out the good stuff as well as the bad.

So what can a parent do?  There are some easy natural measures that can help calm the situation, and then homeopathic remedies can be given to heal the child faster and prevent recurrences.

Mullein oil or garlic oil are both commonly used soothing natural remedies for ears. Lavender oil can offer relief when applied via a loosely inserted bit of cotton ball (never push anything down into the ear). 

The following homeopathic remedies are commonly used for otitis media.  If the situation recurs chronically, always seek the assistance of a homeopath. She can see what can be done constitutionally, not only to treat the current earache but to prevent recurrences.


First sign of an ear ache that comes on suddenly – especially after wind/cold exposure.


Sudden onset, redness and inflammation.  Might start in the late afternoon, after getting the head wet or the hair cut; could have a high fever.


Earache that comes on after a cold.  Might have yellow discharge from nose; child is weepy and clingy and doesn’t complain when out in the fresh air.

Child might be sweaty, and the ear is smelly.  Goes between chilly and too hot.
Can have an earache that’s hard to shift after a cold. Child is chilly and thirsty. 

These are some basic remedies you can try in a 30c potency.  Give a pellet or two under the tongue (don’t wash away with food or drink), and see how they are after a few hours.  If there’s improvement and then relapse, you can repeat again. If there’s not improvement call for a consultation – these things can usually be resolved with remedies via a phone consult.